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Experience Healing at Temple Medicine

Welcome In! 

My name is Amy Kimmick and it's my work to empower others to heal themselves using my shamanic gifts.  I've worked as a medium for 10 years years.   Our doors have been lovingly open since 2015.

Energy Healing with a channel medium is unique and gives you highly specific information.  It changes your life and removes the darkest misgivings you've held onto.



My offerings include private and group sessions, free you tube meditations, and monthly auric ritual cleanses.

Please visit resources for additional healing practitioners

at my shop in  Portland, Oregon.





Ancestors, loved ones, ages, 

and past lives come forward and we foster a connection to your higher selves.  



Together we move energy with beauty to help you feel closer to yourself.


Channeled messages are highly specific and bring a proper death to problems.


You will feel lighter and as if you have returned home to yourself.


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